Thank you to everyone who attended the NightGarden this year and to those who participated in The Lost Fairy Puzzle—it was not easy!


Puzzle & Solution

Curious guests may have first discovered that there was a mysterious story and puzzle behind the NightGarden when they clicked on the Inhabitants page. The page included a story about a lost seventh fairy that needed help waking up. The first step to do that was to figure out her name. Did you spot the clue on the page?


“Fairies have a great love for games and riddles, and often use magic to change their form and hide themselves in plain sight. These forms can be anything, though the fairies of the NightGarden seem to most love hiding as flowers and butterflies. If you happen to find one in disguise, they may reward you by sharing one of their secrets!”


Blending in on the home page is a butterfly link that led to hints for figuring out where to find the six letters of the lost fairy’s name: (QR codes were also placed around the NightGarden leading to these hints.) Six runes were hidden around the NightGarden. The intro paragraph on the Fairies’ Riddle page contained the key to translating the runes to human characters—with each rune corresponding directly to its matching letter. People who found all the runes and translated them would have discovered that the fairy’s name was SUNDEW!  8% of people who submitted answers figured out this part correctly.


People who passed the first part were given the password to the second part of the puzzle- and asked to discover the First Principle of the NightGarden. Observant readers will realize that there were typos in the runes in the names of the fairies. Taking the letters that were misspelled “spells” XQWNRP, which is the password for And finally the first principle of the NightGarden was:

“It is through a youthful heart and mind that one unlocks the true magic within the NightGarden.”

We hope you enjoyed the challenge and to see you all again next year, where there will be new sights to see and new puzzles to solve!