There was a day

Many years ago

When in the Gardens

There appeared a glow


And lights began

To fill the air

And Seven Fairies

Fluttered there


And Sun, the youngest

Asked her Kin,

“What is this place

We’re flying in?”


“These Gardens,”

Said the eldest Rose,

“are our home now.

A fairy knows,


That when a budding

Flower gleams

Then From that place

New magic streams.”


And so, the sisters

Began to spread

Their magic through

The flower beds.


And in the trees

They lit a spark

To dance with colors

In the dark.


And soon each night

There was no doubt

That fairy magic

Shown throughout.


“Well now,” said Rose

“This place is right

And dazzles truly

With our light.


And now of course

It must be clear

The laws and rules

That Govern here.”


And so the Fairies

Through many days

Worked through each word

Each line, each phrase.


Until at last

They’d settled on

Their principles,

To build upon


And teach to all

Who ventured there

About the magic’s

Cause and care.


The first they’d hidden

That’s a fact.

With symbols

That a human Cracked.


It told of how

Through youthful mind

A person’s magic

They could find.


The second law

Remains unknown

And so to you 

The path is shown.


For here with this 

Your quest’s begun

We hope that you

Will find it fun.


For if this law

You can surmise,

Then you perhaps

Will claim our prize.