The NightGarden Fairy Quest

Every year, Elphame, the Fairy Queen, uses her magic to bring the NightGarden to life. This garden contains all sorts of magical creatures, such as Archimedes the talking tree, and of course Fairies. However, this year is different. The fairy sisters of the NightGarden have been trapped within stone statues!

Thanks to some clever humans, all of you can help to free them. These humans created an app called “The NightGarden Fairy Quest”, which is imbued with my magic. If you use this app on the fairy statues, you can free the fairies trapped within.

Some say using the app to break the seals on the fairy’s pedestals will also work.

Once you have freed them, this magical app will give you clues to help you find the others. Free them all, and they are sure to reward you with a key to find their hidden treasure! Good luck!

You can download the app and help save the fairies here:

If you cannot make it to the Gardens, you can perhaps find the seals another way. We have heard whispers that a rose holds the path.

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